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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Sexual Harrassment Doesn't Get You Laid

It just doesn't. It maybe gets you slapped, might even get you fired. But not laid.

In fact, Sexual Harrassment isn't getting men anywhere but the dog house, or the jail house. The Bunny has been made livid on several recent occasions (and not-so recent occasions, but I've been ornery lately so it's bothering me now, hence, this post) thanks to sweet poetic phrases like "moustache ride" and "taste your insides" being flung at her from various directions.

All it does is offend women, even the low-self esteemy ones. Girls often enjoy attention, and they enjoy flattery, but what some men don't understand is that hollering obscene phrases and acting out dirty gestures isn't flattering attention. Women enjoy compliments on their smile, or their style. That's the good sh*t that will eventually get you laid. Yeah, it may take some more time and effort in addition to the sincere compliments, but at least you're heading in the general direction of getting laid.

When you sexually harass women, you are going in reverse! You may as well push your peen inside your body when you look us up and down and say "yeah, I like it just like that girl. MMM." When a phrase like that is thrown at the Bunny, she thinks, "You're gross and desperate and probably have sex with whores." She says, "Ugh." on a weekend and "F*ck Off" on a work day. We're tired. We're annoyed. We're on the rag or we're on our way to a real man's house. We don't want to deal with you unless you're willing to impess us. And we're certainly not willing to give the time of day to a hard-on with a greasy man attached who is dumb enough to think propositioning us with his equally greasy words will get us in bed.

Next time the Bunny is sexually harrassed she's gonna change up her game!

That means tears will roll! Just to point a pervert out. When he asks, "What color are your panties," I'll drop my bags, put my hands in my face and SOB real loud on the subway platform, just to watch him squirm. Because the Bunny's of the belief that for some men, it's sadistic - it's not about 'coming onto women' as much as it's about making us squirm, making us uncomfortable, embarassed and disgusted for their own twisted pleasures.

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