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Thursday, September 23, 2010

And The Bitch Goes Down

Click Here to See Video on Youtube... if you care about this sort of thing.

The Bunny admits it - she has a mean streak. Compounded by the fact she has a fetish for laughing at models falling on runways, she couldn't resist the urge to post this video of a model eating runway at a Burberry show.

To any rational human being, this isn't even funny. But I'm a Bunny who giggles with delight at the expense of others. Probably why Karma's such a bitch to me.

Listen, maybe I'm just jealous of a model's natural ability to ignore her apetite, but there's something amusing about the way 90% of pretty girls feel the need to call themselves models. And once they actually make it into model-hood - they take that shit FER SERIOUS. Maybe that's why it's so funny when they bust into tears as though they've just witnessed genocide everytime they fall off their 6-inch heels.

The highlight is when she wobles like a baby giraffe fresh from the womb.

Ahhh.  Life is good.

*Courtesy of DListed

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