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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid Day Carrots


Sexually harrassed during lunch break by a man in a (mechanic?) uniform carrying a bagged lunch. Exact words accompanied by invasion of personal space -"I want to touch your ass". Clever fella.

Evidence is mounting that sexual harrassers are could-be rapists and sadists who have no intention of flattering or engaging in consentual sexual activity. Their pleasure lies in any kind of sexual offense, even verbal. They do what they do because it disturbs their target and makes them uncomfortable. A woman's best defense is to ignore / ignore / ignore. You can't erase their words from your memory, but you can erase the element of disgust that so entices them.

Saw three beautiful brown eyed brunettes with subtle curves in sundresses on the subway. Was lovin' not hatin'. Just one benefit of living in the gorgeous brunette mecca that is Astoria.

Hostage situation at the Discovery Channel building is really distrubing / random / sad. Guess this sicko was really dissapointed with this season's Shark Week.

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