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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tacky Trick O' The Day - Compassionless Bystander

This one has New York written all over it.

Walking to work today The Bunny was waiting at an intersection with today’s Tacky Trick. TCB knew the woman made it to Tacky Trick status when she started berating an older woman for trying to pull a “Frogger” through oncoming traffic. Instead of reacting with concern over this woman’s potential public death, today’s Tacky Trick [Her name is unknown but one can only hope it's something along the lines of Wanda] shouted:

“That’s right! You gon’ die now! You gon’ die because you a numbskull! That’s right! A damn numbskull!”

The Bunny tried not to laugh, but in all honestly, Le Trick de Tacky told it just how it was. Thankfully the numbskull in distress made it across the street safely, but not without a mean mug from Wanda The Tacky Trick to put a cherry on the cake of her day.

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