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Friday, November 19, 2010

Unsolicited Advice on ... Spite!

The Bunny is ashamed to admit that there have been several instances in her life in which she indulged in sweet, delectable, glorious spite.


Yes, yes, even Bunnies feel an occasional human urge to deep freeze our revenge and serve it extra frigid across the side of the head like a slab of iceburned beef (Note: This is what happens to people who are SHIT LISTED). Sometimes we can't quite feel happy for the seemingly endless blessings of others, because it often seems like those who deserve them the least get them the most. Sometimes we secretly hope that a rising star doesn't rocket past us with the same tenacity we envisioned for ourselves.

Recently, TCB talked to a sexy guy about spite and vengeance, and the basic motivations behind them. He proposed that at the core of our humanity people have an intrinsic need to protect their survival, and so if Human A saw Human B getting something Human A wanted (be it a female, the pimpest cave, the tastiest meat), Human A became threatened and angry, and acted out to assert his place as the dominant survivor … or something like that (he explained it better).

But the problem is that contemporary humans have no such need to assert spite or vengeance in order to survive. Now it’s just a leftover instinct that we still feel a strong urge to act on, but it is 100% self serving.

Is that bad?

In truth, spite isn't something to be indulged, because however gratifying it may be to enjoy the EPIC FAILURE of a skag that skanked you wrong, their failures don't give you any successes. Plus Karma is a bitch with PMDD, and she never forgets. So the odds are that if you take pleasure in the misfortune of another, no matter how fowl or sneaky or selfish or mean they are (Heh, look who's talking right now?!) within a month someone else will be taking pleasure in a failure of yours.

So chin up.

If you're wronged (::bites lower lip::) rise above it. If you're passed by (::cringe::) ... run a little faster. And if you're insulted.... well, if you're insulted than you can spit in  your hand and lay a juicy bitchslap on them, because that shit don't fly and it's the weekend.

So have a Cheekalicious one!!

<3PSssssssstPenny Rose

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