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All About The Bunny

The Cheeky Bunny opened for business on December 2009 as a venue to offer advice to Cheesksters writing-in with problems of love and life. And yes, the Bunny is technically human. But she draws the inspiration for her rants and advice from her mischeivous pet rabbit, the one and only Penny Rose.

The idea for TCB blossomed one night when the author was ranting to herself Penny Rose about the various atrocities of New York City living and the turbulence of her love life. She thought, why not take the lessons of life, twist 'em up real nice and add a dash of bitch-slap to the mix? Serve chilled on a blog.

In real life, the TCB works in news.

Click here for an audio interview with the Bunny, courtesy of Paul Letendre's blog. We discuss some Cheeky topics, like gender roles, chivalry, love and, of course, sex. The Bunny's usually happy to lend her opinion.